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Welcome To Alexis M. Creative Minister & Creative Brand Consultant

How I Bootstrapped My Way to Marketing Brilliance with Sickle Cell Disease and Leaps of Faith

My greatest joy in life will always be preaching, teaching marketing, loving on my worship leader hunk of a husband KD - all while advocating for African Americans to give blood as a sickle cell warrior.  



I started out my career in marketing as soon as I entered college in 2007...

I worked for my local Clear Channel radio station where I had my own show on the weekends. Once I graduated college in 2013 with my BA in Mass Communication, my heart for branding and public relations grew into me wanting to start my own business. There was a problem. I had no money, and I was born with the disease sickle cell anemia, a painful blood disorder which constantly undermined my momentum while trying to have a profitable business. It was clear I needed something more stable, so in the beginning of 2018 I was back at my alma matter Columbus State University where I worked as in marketing.



While I was there, I kept my dream alive to be in business full time. A few months into my job friend of mine whose branding I had worked on in the past said she felt as if she was losing her creativity. We began researching a conference to go to but the tickets were much too high. Then the still small voice of The Holy Spirit said, “Why don’t you just do your own?” I felt like a complete imposter trying to do my own conference, thinking no one would listen to me because I hadn’t hit certain milestones in my business.

But the truth was that I was growing and I did have a profitable business. I was just scared and seriously downplaying my years of first hand experience.

So I did it afraid and launched my very first 2020 Vision 1 day workshop and it sold out in four days. I kept going with the conference and eventually expanded to have an online. The women who came left empowered and full of information I still see them using daily.

How to Stop Being a Perfectionist, Superwoman, and build a Profitable Business!

Because of sickle cell disease and overcoming a rough childhood that included abuse, I spent most of my post-college days with high-functioning depression and had several days where I didn’t think I was going to make it. It truly was my faith in Christ, my community and my grit that pushed me not to give up. I went from suicidal in 2009 to flourishing here in 2020 and I want you to have the same. If you’re looking for more on my heart for  helping women live with healthy emotions and finding purpose, you can visit

It’s time to truly get out of your own way and bet on you. You are not a fraud. You have earned the right to be here and your gifts and ideas are valid and important.

Lastly, That little voice telling you it must be perfect and you must have all the answers before you present your gifts to the world will have you waiting forever. It is okay to make mistakes- even publicly on your journey. Stop trying to protect yourself from embarrassment and get busy with your gifts, we don’t need a perfect you, we need a PRESENT you. Show up for us with your talents, resources, and wisdom, stop hiding. You got this!

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