From Lost to Boss 

5 Steps to Confidently Walk in Your God-Given Purpose

and Launch Your First Profitable Business Idea

In This Masterclass



Products, Purpose & Problems

You are an answer to a problem. You will discover what problem you can solve, for the people that you serve, with the skills you have; while taking a look at the life lessons you have learned and personality you are armed with.


Pricing, People & Path

We will deep dive on your perfect target customer, and discover much you could charge for your products, and make sure you are communicating a clear path to your products online and in person.


Know exactly what to call yourself

No more feeling like a deer in headlights when someone asks you who are you and what do you do. Even if you are multi-talented and already working in your field, you will get a specific statement that attracts the right people and repels the wrong ones to your business.


A strategy for social media

Now that you have clarity on who you are and what you bring to this world, you don't have to wait until your product(s) are built to start attracting your people. I give you you my a list of conversation starters for Instagram and Facebook.

"I walked away with clarity and clearer vision of where I want to take my business. Alexis didn't just repeat facts that we can find anywhere on the internet. No she broke down business, creativity, and empowered us to take the necessary steps! I am forever grateful for this conference and my business, my everything is better because of it!”"

@wonderfullycreated1 | Christian Lifestyle Brand

It's time for you to finally bet on yourself.

One of the best ways to get out of a cycle of inaction is to take one step. I know what that cycle feels like: That cycle feels like a job you're okay with but don't love, late fees cause you're not making enough, and endless scrolling and comparison on social media. No boo! It's time for you to get in the game too and THIS IS YOUR 1ST STEP. And yes I am yelling. Break the cycle of inaction and fear when it comes to your purpose and start out with ONE profitable idea. I can't wait to see you show up for you. You got this!

A Note From The Instructor...

When I started out in the world of graphic design and website building in 2014, 6 years ago, all knew is that I wanted to serve people but I didn't have a plan. Therefore, the mistakes I made on building a profitable business were endless, and I found myself back at a full time job I secretly despised. 

While working, I wrote down what life would be like if I had to do it all over again; How I would manage my time, money, handle clients, and teach people my lessons so that they never went through what I did.

In 2018 I created a signature event, 2020 Vision, to teach core business principles. In four days my 1st conference sold out. Women left empowered with actionable steps and no fluff. I knew God had graced me with a winning strategy.

As I bring this event online, I get the honor of teaching you how to go from lost to boss and start building a business you love inside your purpose. I can't wait to see you inside!