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Coronavirus Proof Your Business

Listen boo,

The Coronavirus could seriously change the way you do business.

Let me make that even more clear...

If you are used to doing business in closed spaces, traveling for meetings, conferences and selling physical goods- people's fear of catching this virus could change the way you do business.

But we don't give in to fear, we pivot and trust God.


Last night for Marketing Monday inside the Business and Faith Community, (video here) I talked about some ideas that could help you pivot and continue to do business in a digital and online space, instead of in person

Here tools & ideas to consider:

1. Use Calendly to set up your digital online meetings & get paid for your time!

2. Use Demio for webinars & private meetings. Demio sends emails to your customers to countdown, and sends replays automatically & also I love love loveee their ease of use and automated webinars that can run without you being there.

3. Use Gumroad or SamCart to be your digital online store if you don't have a website. Samcart

4. Use Kajabi, Teachable, ConnectPal, Thinkific for hosting courses. You can host virtual summits, masterclasses, self-paced or drip online courses. My favorite is Kajabi of course for their all in one features. You don't have to look anywhere else for email, landing pages, hosting your course, or even your blog.

5. Use Memberspace to make your current Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace website a membership site with password protected pages that only paid or even free members can use.

6. Use email to consistently talk to your customers, which has a 4000% ROI. In other words, email works better than social media. I highly recommend using Convertkit as your email service provider. Remember to segment your list (don't talk to your entire email list at once) but break it down based on THEIR interests to get better open rates.

Check out my full list of tech tools  I love right here. 

In the meantime, strongly consider monetizing your skills into something you can teach that will reach an online audience who is ready to hear from you!


P.S. If you need help monetizing those skills and being found by the right customers online, for a limited of time I am offering my brand starter call for $75. Let's talk together about how we can increase your confidence, clarity, and visibility on the phone together. Take action right here.


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