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Hi, I'm Alexis!




Welcome to my creative agency!

From Business To Ministry, I Help You Live Seen and Loved, So That You Can Fully Experience The Wealth of Life.

How do I do this? I help you the creative leader live seen, by giving you a 2020 Vision on your brand's voice and visuals. My ministry The Cherished Woman, helps you live loved by showing you how to unlock your purpose and champion your emotional freedom. Together they make up the Alexis M. Creative Agency LLC.

Creative Leaders Flourish Here

I give you, the creative leader, a 2020 Vision on your brand's voice and visuals so that you can attract your ideal audience and confidently sell your products and services. I am perfect for consultants, educators, ministers, stylists, writers, and designers who run small teams and want to make a big impact on social media.

“Help me Get Out of My Head” Free Discovery Call

Creative people need clarity! I know what it's like to feel stuck in your head with a God sized idea. Before we begin, I want to know if we are the right fit for one another. A free 30 minute 2020 Vision clarity call is just for you.

Step Into Your Future

Get Expert Coaching & Classes

Starting at $279, my 90 minute 1-on-1 video calls help you turn your business ideas into a real plan, so that you can to attract your ideal clients with the right prices, products, and social content.

What My Clients Say

Join The 2020 Vision Tribe

Monthly, I teach you how you can make money online. From t-shirts that print themselves, to email list building, I help my tribe live stay fresh and informed on the ever changing digital marketing world.

Learn About The Tribe

Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

If you knew exactly who your business is supposed to serve, you wouldn't waste another day with the wrong customers and not being paid your worth. Take this free quiz to discover who is right for your business.

You are one decision away from a totally different business! 

In 90 minutes, I was able to help Tiffany Red package years of expertise in the hair industry into a success path for her ideal client that can now be an ebook, course, or any digital product- and so can you!

Tiffany's Review of Her Experience

TKR Salon Consulting - 20 Year Salon Coaching Expert 

Alexis really helped me put my thoughts and ideas into a realistic plan. I feel I can get the ball rolling and create profitable products for my clients. I really appreciate her!

What it's like to work with me

Okay enough business talk...

My latest ebook for your soul

From my own scars and healing, I birthed the ministry The Cherished Woman show women how to unlock their purpose and be a champion of their emotional freedom. More on my story.


Story Time With Alexis 

The podcast where both of my worlds collide

Hilarious, inspiring, & full of actionable steps, I take you inside my world to keep you inspired and motivated in business and ministry



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