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Hi, I'm Alexis!




Welcome to my creative agency!

I Help You Live Seen and Loved.

My agency helps solo, service based business leaders create clarity, visuals & time for their brands. My ministry The Cherished Woman helps women champion their emotional freedom & unlock their purpose.

It's Your Turn to Leap...

I've made it my life's purpose to show women and men what's possible despite having limits. Having Sickle Cell Disease, recovering from depression, starting a business broke- these are just a few of the things I've overcome. Now I live to help you create clarity on your brand and your purpose, so that you can live seen and heard. More on my story.


Okay enough business talk...

My latest ebook for your soul

From my own scars and healing, I birthed the ministry The Cherished Woman show women how to unlock their purpose and be a champion of their emotional freedom. More on my story.


Speaking Keynote Topics & Hosting

  • Destroying Limiting Beliefs on Business & The Imposter Syndrome in Women
  • Health & Sickle Cell Disease 
  • Emotional Healing & Unlocking Purpose for Women
  • Prophetic flow & deliverance

Licensed Minister

Keynote speaker 

Known for my straight forward wisdom, charisma and creativity I would be honored to speak or preach at your next event or ministry service. 

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